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Invertigo FAN site ! ! !

Welcome, this is a site for all the Invertigo Fans!

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Invertigo is a band consisting of Christian Argenti and the three Leigh brothers, Vince, James and Gerry.

The talented Christian Argenti meet up with the three skilled Leigh Brothers and recorded a demo tape complete with a song called, 'Desensitized' the record companies loved it straight away.

Lead Vocalist: Christian Argenti.
Drummer: Vincent Leigh.
Guitarist/back up vocalist/keyboard: James Leigh.
Guitarist: Gerry Leigh.


TOP: James Leigh (Guitarist/back up vocalist)
RIGHT: Gerry Leigh (Guitarist)

Created by: Bridget and Helen,
Information and interviews by Sharee and Megean.

Hands playing guitar; Actual size=240 pixels wide


TOP: Vincent Leigh (Drummer)
BOTTOM: Christian Argenti (Lead Vocalist)

Band Members:

Christian Argenti
James Leigh
Vince Leigh
Gerry Leigh