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Song words



Some of us made of concrete
Some of us made of sand
Some of us like the clear blue water
Others catching it in their hands
But we'll all just fade
Some of us made of steel
Some of us like the earth
Some of us are the clear blue sky
When others fly through the air
But we'll all just fade so is it
Better to say

Chances are what you feel
Is like everyone else
Who is wrong?
What is real?
You can ask yourself
But if you find a way
You can always carry on

Chances are what you need
Is like everyone else
It's in you, it's in me
You can see yourself
But if you find a way
You can always carry on

Some of us breaking like ice
Some of us like a stone
Some are just like the blowing wind
Others always are getting thrown

Bridge - chorus

And when you say you won't make tomorrow
Cause tomorrow feels like the rest
Yeah you can break this viscous circle
Everyone who hurts feels no less

Some of us like a secret
Some of us open books
And some you can tell but either way
You can't tell by just a look
Then we all just fade anyway

(chorus out)


When I reach out, you move away from my hands
You're never telling me why
We make plans to spend
Time you forget and the days are just passing us by

When I ask you you never understand it
You don't know what you haven't done
And when I try to explain it sounds like complaint
And the words only make you more numb

Is there a fire if you don't see the smoke?
We can't get higher if you don't let it go.

Ooh ooh ooh
How did your heart ever get like that
How did someone ever hurt so bad
That you can't see that
You've been kicked inside
You're desensitized yeah
Oooh ooh ooh
How did you heart ever get so cold
How did someone ever get so close
That you just don't know
How it feels inside
You're desensitized

I wanna believe that it's a phase you go through
That only gets harder to tell
And sometimes I think it's an easier thing to believe
That there's somebody else

(Sub) (Chorus)

Whatever they did / Whatever they said
You know it's much better just to run and forget
Whatever it was / Whoever's to blame
You know you can let yourself be feeling again

( Chorus Out )


You don't believe my hurt for you is real
You want to see me inside your hole
You can't conceive of things unless you feel
You want to drown me to watch me float
Here I go

Anything you say
I died to be your slave
Always been this way
Alive to be your slave

Waiting to feed, you eat from my submission
Words that you leave is sweetness that rots
You let me breath and tell me I'm still living
Deep in your mouth, swallow all you got

Anything you say
I died to be your slave
Always been this way
Alive to be your slave

I am the seed, I pierce, I rip, I christen
But you've never known me much at all

Facing no fear whenever you want me
Skin without milk, blood without honey
Deepen your pain whenever you want me
Sin without guilt, pain without money

(chorus out)

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