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Interview with Christian Argenti.


Q.1 What is your full name?
Christian Argenti

Q.2 When and where were you born?
3rd January, Melbourne

Q.3 Siblings, eg. Brothers and sisters?
1 younger brother and 3 older sisters.

Q.4 Childhood Memories?
Dressing up as the Beatles and KISS, living room
shows after Dinner and appearing on Red Faces as
a penguin with my friend Shaun.

Q.5 Most treasured thing or person?
The Penguin suit.

Q.6 The most fun thing about being in a band?
Not having to have a proper job.

Q.7 If you had 1 wish, What would it be?
To rid the world of poverty and illness.

Q.8 What is your favourite animal?
Zimbabuean Baby Lama.

Q.9 What got you started in the musical industry?
The knowledge that I was in no way capable of
having the attention span to successfully to do
anything else that would earn me a living.

Q.10 What is your favourite food?
Pizza, milkshakes and Burgers.

Q.11 Finish these sentences......

a) If I could meet anyone I wanted, Dead or Alive it would be... Jesus Christ, Mickey Mouse or Arther Fonzerelli.

b) If i could Change the world I would.... Make it safe
for people to not have to fear for their lives.

Other Interviews, COMING SOON.